Osseous Surgery, San Diego CA

Bacteria below the gum line leads to pockets forming between the gums and teeth. In cases where periodontal disease is advanced and long-standing, bacteria and scar tissue is present in pockets as far down as the root tip. Osseous surgery may be performed to clean out bacteria and scar tissue that could not be reached non-surgically. The area is cleaned thoroughly, the root surface is smoothed to eliminate areas where bacteria can collect and the entire area is treated with antibiotics to decrease the chance of bacteria repopulating the area. This has been shown through research to help enhance the repair and regeneration of bone of the affected area.

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Types of Osseous Surgery

Bone Graft / Membrane

Advanced periodontal disease can lead to severe bone loss in the jaw. Tooth loss is the most common result of bone loss. Bone that is destroyed by periodontal disease can now be regenerated, helping to avert possible tooth loss by creating a strong foundation for teeth. Osseous surgery is first performed then demineralized bone material is placed in areas where there is bone loss. This material stimulates your body to regenerate more of your own bone to fill in where bone loss has occurred. In some specific cases of bone loss, a collagen membrane can be placed alone or in conjunction with a bone graft, to aid in the regeneration of bone. These are highly predictable and successful techniques to treat advanced periodontal disease.

Bone Grafting

Bone Graft Case Study, San Diego CA