Crown Lengthening/Anatomic Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening can enhance the fit of a new crown. Crown lengthening involves pushing the gum tissue up and contouring the underlying bone to allow more surface area for a new crown to grab on to. A new crown can then be made to be better fitting and more life-like. Ill fitting crowns often pocket food and lead to irritated and inflamed gums.

Anatomic Crown Lengthening, San Diego CA

Anatomical crown lengthening is an excellent way to improve a gummy smile. There is an esthetically natural proportion between the level of gum tissue to the level of exposed tooth. A gummy smile is where there is proportionately more gum tissue than exposed tooth. This procedure pushes gum tissue up to expose more tooth surface thereby re-establishing the natural proportion. Oftentimes this procedure is all you need to reveal the beautiful smile you never knew you had hidden beneath your gums. This can also be done to enhance the fit of veneers and to help them look as natural as possible.

Crown Lenghtening Case Study, San Diego CA

Anterior Crown Lengthening

Anterior -Crown Lengthening Case Study, San Diego CA