Dr. Hunt’s Periodontal Office Philosophy

About Dr. Hunt

Dr Hunt is a Board-certified specialist in Periodontics and provides Dental Implant services as well. He specializes in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of gum disease and oral pathology. He also performs cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile and places dental implants that can replace missing or non-restorable teeth.

Dr Hunt believes that finding the right Periodontist to meet your periodontal and implant needs is the most important first step to achieving dental health. Many patients choose to come to us as a referral from their dentist. Others are referred by patients and friends of the practice. A referral is not required to visit our office. In all cases, we will collaborate and communicate fully with you and your dentist.

Patient Care

We strive to provide our patients with the finest and most comprehensive care possible in a gentle, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We believe the success of treatment can be positively influenced by a trusting and collaborative patient-to-doctor relationship in which we listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and work closely with you and your healthcare providers.

Our Services

The periodontal treatment you will receive from Dr Hunt has been shown through research, and through our long term experiences with patients, to be highly effective. However, Dr Hunt believes that the patient is ultimately the most important factor influencing overall success of treatment. For maximum results to be realized, the patient must work in partnership with Dr Hunt in the process to achieve and maintain periodontal health. The patient must first become aware of factors that increase susceptibility to periodontal disease and ways to lessen their impact on their periodontal health. Some ways would be to stop smoking, to keep diabetes symptoms controlled and to eliminate excessive use of alcohol. Secondly, it is important to maintain daily plaque control. This is achieved through brushing and through the use of other homecare aids such floss, interproximal brushes and rubber tips. Most periodontal disease begins between the teeth, therefore, we will recommend hygiene aids for your oral hygiene routine. Lastly, you are responsible for scheduling regular periodontal maintenance cleanings. The frequency of these visits will be determined by Dr. Hunt and your general dentist based on the level of your periodontal health and the level of plaque build-up between cleanings. Most patients with moderate to advanced periodontal disease or patients who may be susceptible to periodontal disease should have periodontal maintenance cleanings every three months. Maintaining this schedule is very important for controlling periodontal disease.

Our Team

Dr Hunt is extraordinarily proud of his caring and dedicated team of professionals. They are here to ensure your clinical and administrative needs are met in a pleasant and efficient manner.

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